Sunday, December 13, 2015

Welcome to Magonia -Down Under

Hi readers,

The reason for starting this new blog, was that my main blog at was starting to carry an increasing number of posts about pre 24 June 1947, Australian sightings. Naturally, not all readers are interested in this sub-topic of our mutual area of interest, i.e. UAP.

For readers who are interested, I thought that the best thing to do was to start up a new blog, dedicated to this area of study.

Why "Magonia?"
A Wikipedia article states as follows:
"According to the treatise arguing against weather magic, called De Grandine et Tonitruis ("On Hail and Thunder") by Carolngian bishop Agobard of Lyon in 815, "Magonia" is the name given to the cloud realm whence felonious aerial sailors were said to have come..."
Relevant books
For readers new to the concept of "Magonia" I would recommend the following three books:
1. Vallee, Jacques. 2014. "Passport to Magonia." Daily Grail Publishing. ISBN 978-0987422484.
Image courtesy of Amazon Books.
2. Aubeck, Chris. & Vallee, Jacques. 2010. "Wonders in the Sky." Jeremy F Tarcher. ISBN978-1-58524-820-5.
Image courtesy of Amazon Books.
3. Aubeck, Chris & Shough, Martin. 2015. "Return to Magonia." Anomalistic Books. ISBN 978-1-938398544.
Image courtesy of Amazon Books.
My research methodology
In this specific area of my general research interests, I would hope to:
1. Maintain an electronic catalogue of the pre 24 June 1947 Australian sighting reports which do not appear to have a mundane explanation. Version 3 of my current catalogue may be accessed here.
2. Maintain a personal electronic set of PDF files of articles from such places as the National Library of Australia TROVE digitised newspaper collection.  I would be happy to share these with interested parties. I have a small collection of these at the moment.
3. I hope to prepare an index to such PDF files, such that other researchers might scan it to see if anything they find in future, has already been found by me, thus avoiding duplication and time.
4. I will also contribute from time to time to Chris Aubek's "Magonia Exchange" Project.

I welcome feedback from blog readers, either via the blog's comments section, or to my email of

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